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Every great move forward begins with a choice, followed by a leap, a step into the unknown.  This past weekend I got to witness a Thryve client enter the home of the leap!!  I can attest, Lambeau Field does not disappoint.  To say the community was bizarre is an understatement.  It’s as if the stadium fell from the sky and plopped itself smack dab in the middle of a small city that never escaped the 90’s. Every garage had a large flat-screen TV and Packers memorabilia covering all four walls.  Cars were parked on neighborhood lawns and 90% of the fans walked to the game.  It’s the vibe of a high school football game, but with NFL level mania.  As you enter the stadium you realize you are standing on hallowed ground.  The history of this organization is impressive, to say the least.  Take this into consideration, people are on a waiting list to gain season tickets that they will never see.  They do it for their children and in some cases their grandchildren!  You really don’t have to be a fan of the Packers to appreciate this experience and I couldn’t have been happier to share it with their BIGGEST fan.

Fun fact: The Packers came into existence because of a simple case of tonsilitis.  GO PACK GO!!!

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